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LH PID Management

The LH PID is currently managed by a private non-profit association – the Lake Highlands Improvement District Corporation (LHIDC). The LHIDC is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of contributing property owners or key leaders within the Lake Highlands community. The corporation also employs a full time Executive Director, who serves as a community liaison and is responsible for day-to-day management of the PID. The director implements a strategic plan to deliver improvements and services to the District, and submits an annual budget and assessment rate plan to the Dallas City Council for approval each year.

History of the PID

One of twelve PIDs across Dallas, the LHPID was established by petition in 2008 and began operating in early 2009. A PID works much like a neighborhood HOA, helping maintain and revitalize public areas within the district, but is funded through an annual tax assessment primarily set for business / commercial property owners, rather than homeowner dues. Authorized by Chapter 372 of the Texas Local Government Code, Public Improvement Districts have been created in all major Texas cities since 1986.

LH PID Mission

The mission of the LH PID is to stimulate growth by creating and maintaining a safe, attractive, and dynamic economic environment that serves the surrounding community.

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