Renewal and Expansion

Here’s the latest look at the plan for the Skillman Bridge.

Update on the progress of the construction of a new bridge over LBJ and Skillman and the realignment of Skillman and Audelia:  TxDOT sent ballots to all eligible property owners along LBJ, Skillman and Audelia asking for their consent for noise walls on their property constructed at the expense of TxDOT. All property owners south of LBJ within the LHPID sent their ballots to TxDOT by the deadline.  TxDOT is purchasing right of way and coordinating with utility companies to get utilities moved prior to construction.  LHPID and the Skillman Corridor TIF have funded a Master Plan for hardscape on the bridge and landscape surrounding the bridge to create a beautiful gateway into Lake Highlands.

Great News! The Dallas City Council voted to approve the renewal and expansion of the Lake Highlands Public Improvement District!!

Many thanks to former City Councilmember Jerry Allen as well as current City Councilmember Adam McGough; Board President Tip Housewright; Board members Adam Herrin, Dorinda Cavendar, Allison Griffin, Dane Thomson, Jud Pankey and Tommy Bailey. We couldn’t have done it without help from City Staff Sue Hounsel and Vasavi Pilla; independent consultant John Broumley; and of course PID staff Vicky Taylor and Tina Cox. Community support from Murray Morgan, Ted Hill and Susan Morgan was also critical to our success.

Attending IH 635 East Legislative Delegation Meeting with Councilmember Adam McGough as well as Murray Morgan and Susan Morgan — at Garland Chamber of Commerce.

View a larger version of the new expanded map.