Lake Highlands Public Improvement District

A dynamic partnership of more than 1,100 property owners covering 500+ acres of land along the Skillman Corridor, the Lake Highlands Public Improvement District is at the heart of efforts to forge connections among neighbors and foster a strong and vibrant community in which to live, work and play. We are committed to constantly engaging with the people and improving the places that encompass our neighborhood. We advocate for and lead beautification efforts for our neighborhood so that Lake Highlands can continue to flourish and remain a healthy, safe and inviting place to live and work. We strive to stimulate growth by creating and maintaining a safe, attractive and powerful economic environment that serves the surrounding community and welcomes new neighbors and businesses.

History of the LHPID

The Lake Highlands Public Improvement District (LHPID) was created in 2008 and began operating in early 2009. One of 14 PIDs in Dallas, the LHPID works much like a neighborhood Home Owners Association, helping to maintain and revitalize public areas within the district; however, the LHPID is funded through annual assessments on commercial and condominium property owners, rather than homeowners’ association dues.

LHPID Mission

The LHPID spearheads and funds many exciting initiatives to improve our community and way of life, including public safety and community enrichment programs, landscape and street improvements, and promotion of local businesses. Our current focus is on building community and establishing a robust crime watch and public safety program to improve the quality of life for residents and families living along the Skillman Corridor.